Thursday, June 3, 2010

A brief FAQ about mafia

OK, I come from Sicily. And since I've been warned that everybody here has watched Der Pater (The Godfather, Il padrino), I almost always mention it when introducing myself, after mentioning the Aetna, to prevent questions. And I've found just a few people who haven't watched it. Including myself (but that'll be fixed soon).
So, I've decided to add a brief (not so serious) FAQ:
Q: Oh, you're from Sicily! Are you from mafia? Do you have acquaintances with mafia? Know anybody from it?
A: NO!*
Q: Does mafia exist? Do you notice?
A: I know it's there, but in my daily life in Catania I never see it. (Excluding parking men, but hey, they're not mafia men themselves actually).
Q: How do you recognize a mafia man?
A: I guess they have a coppola hat, walk with a "lupara" rifle, and go kissing their mortal enemies. No, not really. Mafia is made of stealth criminals - and even when everybody knows that somebody is from mafia, nobody can prove it.
(When I was asked this question, it didn't make sense to me at all. The first part of the answer came after, when I remembered that, well, in movies mafia men have a specific style).
* (OK, people didn't ask me this, I was just joking here).


matteo.campanelli said...

My friend Alessio is from Palermo and last summer he was guest of a English family. The fact that Alessio came from Sicily made them curious, so they asked him wheter he had never witnessed a murder. They were shocked when he told them he had never lived such experience. As everyone can tell you, every respectable man from Southern Italy has witnessed at least one murder in his childhood. :)

Paolo Giarrusso said...

But I was thinking to make their idea into a survey. For instance, according to news, I would believe that Federica Napoli, being a respectable woman from Neaples, has witnessed more than one murder, and risked being injured by flying bullets! We should ask Benni and Mosca!